1. Introduction
  2. Version Control
  3. Ticket Shop Api
    1. Authentication
    2. Events List
    3. Event
      1. Calculation Of Fees
    4. Discount Codes
    5. Calendar
      1. Time Slots Year Month
      2. Time Slots Year Month Day
    6. Reservation
      1. Create Reservation
      2. Update Reservation
    7. Checkout

Version Control

Version Author Date Status
1.0 RA 2017-09-15 Initial version.
1.1 RA 2017-09-25 Added; cost specifications for fees and payment methods Changes; API URL.
1.2 RA 2017-10-11 Changed “amount” and “percentage” format; number to string.
1.3 JDD 2017-10-11 Added authentication chapter.
1.4 RA 2017-10-12 Removed ticket_name from Post reservation request, Put reservation request, Put reservation request.
1.5 TW 2017-10-23 Edited put / post reservation endpoint, changed fees / prices to Double formats. Changed true / false strings to Booleans. 201 Requests are now CREATED and puts now are 200 OK’s.
1.6 PH 2017-11-28 Added support for categories in get events call. / Added “due_at” property to the Post checkout endpoint.
1.7 PH 2018-02-01 Added the Get discountcodes API endpoint. Added an explanation of access keys. Added chapter 3.4, an explanation of discount codes. Added new properties to the event object in the Get event call: “shop_image”, “discount_label”, “is_discount_enabled”, google tracking properties, the facebook pixel tracking property, the “access_key” object and the “ticket_status” objects (for displaying the current status on a ticket).
1.8 JDD 2018-02-16 Rebranded document to CM Tickets. Created new chapter for shop access keys and discount codes.
1.9 RA 2018-04-04 New version of the get events end-point.
1.10 RA 2018-07-16 Added tag feature to get events end-point.
1.11 PH 2018-09-26 Removed stock from get events call. Added shop_style properties to get events call.
1.12 PH 2018-11-23 Added X-TF-PREFERREDLANGUAGEID header to post reservation call.
1.13 PH 2018-12-31 Publish the docs in online, added Calendar section with calls.
1.14 PH 2019-03-05 Added the security paragraph in the authentication section.
1.15 PH 2019-10-10 Added get events paragraph in the events.
1.16 PH 2019-10-10 Added email address for requesting product token.