1. Introduction
  2. Version Control
  3. Ticket Shop Api
    1. Authentication
    2. Events List
    3. Event
      1. Calculation Of Fees
    4. Discount Codes
    5. Calendar
      1. Time Slots Year Month
      2. Time Slots Year Month Day
    6. Reservation
      1. Create Reservation
      2. Update Reservation
    7. Checkout


If the calendar function is enabled for an event, a time slot selection is mandatory.

First you need to collect the data of the whole month and later you can 'zoom in' on the day to get the time slots of that day. (Ticket types may vary per time slot.)

When the end-user selected their preferred time slot, the id of this time slot can be added to the create and update reservation end-point as the property 'time_slot_id'.