1. Introduction
  2. Version Control
  3. Ticket Shop Api
    1. Authentication
    2. Events List
    3. Event
      1. Calculation Of Fees
    4. Discount Codes
    5. Calendar
      1. Time Slots Year Month
      2. Time Slots Year Month Day
    6. Reservation
      1. Create Reservation
      2. Update Reservation
    7. Checkout

Ticket Shop API

In this API docs we describe the following entities:


Basic connectivity information for retrieving data from the API with a product tokens which is used as an authentication method.


Refers to an event as set-up by client in the Ticketing Dashboard.

Discount codes

Discount can be applied to specific tickets or on a full order. By letting users enter the discount code and sending it along with the api request; the discount will be automatically applied on the concerning tickets.


In the ticket shop there could be a calendar to select ticket types for a specific time slot. This time slot can be added to a reservation (so the time on a location can be blocked for this customer.)


At the start of an order a reservation is made. The reservation contains the number of products to be purchased + the details of the person who places the order.


The checkout handles the payment of the order. This endpoint returns a payment URL where customer can pay for the order.