1. Intro
  2. From domains
    1. Get all from domains
    2. Get specific from domain
    3. Create from domain
    4. Verify from domain
    5. Delete from domain
    6. From domain object definition
  3. From addresses
    1. Get all from addresses
    2. Get specific from address
    3. Create from address
    4. Update from address
    5. Delete from address
    6. From address object definitions
  4. Address lists
  5. Templates
    1. Get all templates
    2. Get specific template
    3. Create template
    4. Update template
    5. Delete template
    6. Template object definitions
  6. Campaigns
    1. Get all campaigns
    2. Get specific campaign
    3. Create campaign
    4. Update campaign
    5. Delete campaign
    6. Clone campaign
    7. Get statistics
    8. Get clicks
    9. Get statistics details
    10. How to use triggered campaigns
    11. Campaign object definitions
  7. Mailings
    1. Get all mailings
    2. Get specific mailing
    3. Create mailing
    4. Update mailing
    5. Delete mailing
    6. Get statistics
    7. How to use merge fields
    8. Mailing object definitions
  8. Mails
    1. Create mail
    2. Create triggered mail
    3. Mail object definitions
  9. Unsubscriptions
    1. Get all unsubscriptions
    2. Create unsubscription
    3. Delete unsubscription
    4. Unsubscription object definition
  10. Campaign tags
    1. Get all campaign tags
    2. Get specific campaign tag
    3. Create campaign tag
    4. Update campaign tag
    5. Delete campaign tag
    6. Add campaign tag to campaign
    7. Delete campaign tag from campaign
    8. Campaign tag object
  11. Webhooks
    1. Get webhook
    2. Create or update webhook
    3. Delete webhook
    4. Webhook object definition
    5. How to implement the webhook


Configure your webhook to receive status updates about your mails on your own API.

The url for the webhook configuration should meet the following requirements:

  • The url has to start with: http:// or https://.
  • An IP address is not allowed.
  • Your url has to be resolvable by DNS.
  • Your url can't reference a reserved IP address.

Object definition webhook

Property Type Description
AccountID Guid The accountID of the webhook
Url String The url of your API where the status updates will be send to
Settings Object The settings for the status update types you want to receive on your API. See object definition webhook settings
CreatedOn DateTime When the webhook was created
ModifiedOn DateTime When the webhook was last modified
DeletedOn DateTime When the webhook was deleted

Object definition webhook settings

Property Type Description
Sent Boolean True if you want to receive sent events
Unsubscribe Boolean True if you want to receive unsubscribe events
Delivered Boolean True if you want to receive delivered events
Complaint Boolean True if you want to receive complaint events
Bounced Boolean True if you want to receive bounced events
Blacklisted Boolean True if you want to receive blacklisted events
Opened Boolean True if you want to receive opened events
ViewedInBrowser Boolean True if you want to receive viewed in browser events
Clicked Boolean True if you want to receive clicked events
PermanentBounced Boolean True if you want to receive permanent bounced events