Create a triggered mail

Send a trigger for your triggered mailing to send a mail.

POST https://api.cmtelecom.com/bulkemail/v1.0/accounts/{accountID}/mailings/{mailingID}/mails

POST Parameters

Name In Description Required Type Example
AccountID Path The account guid True Guid A8C062E4-ECFD-48D0-89B1-A37D2622B7A9
MailingID Path The mailing guid True Guid B6D33812-24CC-48E3-B7DD-354715051A85
Body Body The mail to create True Json object { "AccountID": "a8c062e4-ecfd-48d0-89b1-a37d2622b7a9", "MailingID": "b6d33812-24cc-48e3-b7dd-354715051a85", "ID": "dc62ece8-234b-496e-b5f7-0abbbbeaa99a", "ToAddress": "john.doe@cm.com", "CustomValues": [ { "Field": "FirstName", "Value": "John" }, { "Field": "LastName", "Value": "Doe" }, { "Field": "Age", "Value": "30" } ] }
X-CM-PRODUCTTOKEN Header Your product token True Guid C24A5029-37DD-4161-9728-F80D8639588E


Http status Description Example
201 Mail created { "ToAddress": "john.doe@cm.com", "CustomValues": [ { "Field": "FirstName", "Value": "John" }, { "Field": "LastName", "Value": "Doe" }, { "Field": "Age", "Value": "30" } ] }
400 Bad request

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