Object definition mailing

Property Type Description
ID Guid The ID of the mailing
AccountID Guid The accountID of the mailing
Name String The name of the mailing
Template Object The template for this mailing. See the template object definition
FromName String The from name to use in your mailing. Leave null if you want to use the email address only.
FromAddressID Guid The ID of the from address you want to send with. Make sure this address is verified first.
Subject String The subject of your mailing. The subject can include merge fields as well, for example: Hi {{ Recipient.FirstName }}, see this awesome mail!
ToAddressListID Guid The ID of the address list you want to send to.
MailingState Int (Enum) The state of the mailing
1 = Saved, mailing is saved and can be send later.
2 = Ready for sending, mailing will be send right away or on the scheduled date.
3 = Picked up by queuer, this mailing is currently being picked up to send.
4 = Processed, this mailing has been processed.
5 = Stopped, this mailing has been stopped due to a too high bounce or complaint rate.
ScheduledOn DateTime The datetime to schedule this mailing. This datetime is currently in the dutch timezone. Leave null if you want to send a mailing right away.
TotalRecipients Int The total recipients of your mailing. This one will automatically be filled when you create the mailing based on your address list.
MailingType Int (Enum) The type of the mailing
1 = Newsletter mailing
2 = Test campaign
3 = Triggered mailing
CreatedOn DateTime When the mailing was created
ModifiedOn DateTime When the mailing was last modified
DeletedOn DateTime When the mailing was deleted

Object definition statistics

Property Type Description
MailingID Guid The ID of the mailing
Total Int Total number of recipients
Statistics Array of object Statistiscs per state, see statistic object definition

Object definition statistic

Property Type Description
StatusID Int The ID of status
Status String The name of the status
NumberOfItems Int Number of items with this status

Object definition clicks

Property Type Description
Link String The url of the link
NumberOfClicks Int The number of unique recipients that clicked this link

Object definition statistic detail

Property Type Description
EmailAddress String The email address of the recipient
SentOn DateTime DateTime the mail was sent on
DeliveredOn DateTime DateTime the mail was delivered on
OpenedOn DateTime DateTime the user opened the mail
BouncedOn DateTime DateTime the mail has bounced on
ComplainedOn DateTime DateTime the user complained on
UnsubscribedOn DateTime DateTime the user unsubscirbed on
BlacklistedOn DateTime DateTime it was blacklisted on. This means this recipient has caused a permanent bounce before, or unsubscribed and we haven't send to it with this mailing
NumberOfClicks Int How many links a user has clicked.