Verify a from domain

Once you have created your from domain and added the DNS entries to your domain, you can use this method to verify that you have done this correctly. Please take into account that it can take up to 24 hours for DNS records to be visible.

When the domain is verified and is valid, you can use it in your from addresses to send mail.

POST https://api.cmtelecom.com/bulkemail/v1.0/accounts/{accountID}/fromdomains/{fromDomainID}/verify

POST Parameters

Name In Description Required Type Example
AccountID Path The account guid True Guid A8C062E4-ECFD-48D0-89B1-A37D2622B7A9
FromDomainID Path The from domain guid True Guid EB7100FB-186A-4B61-91A1-64D65493E23B
X-CM-PRODUCTTOKEN Header Your product token True Guid C24A5029-37DD-4161-9728-F80D8639588E


Http status Description Example
201 From domain verification created { "ID": "eb7100fb-186a-4b61-91a1-64d65493e23b", "AccountID": "a8c062e4-ecfd-48d0-89b1-a37d2622b7a9", "Domain": "myawesomecompany.com", "IsValid": true, "DnsEntries": [ { "Host": "links.myawesomecompany.com", "Type": "CNAME", "Value": "cmemailcampaigns.com", "IsValid": true }, { "Host": "s1._domainkey.myawesomecompany.com", "Type": "CNAME", "Value": "s1.domainkey.u6456269.wl020.cmemailcampaigns.com", "IsValid": true }, { "Host": "6456269.myawesomecompany.com", "Type": "CNAME", "Value": "cmemailcampaigns.com", "IsValid": true }, { "Host": "s2._domainkey.myawesomecompany.com", "Type": "CNAME", "Value": "s2.domainkey.u6456269.wl020.cmemailcampaigns.com", "IsValid": true }, { "Host": "sg.myawesomecompany.com", "Type": "CNAME", "Value": "u6456269.wl020.cmemailcampaigns.com", "IsValid": true } ], "Createdon": "2018-01-22T14:26:55.503", "ModifiedOn": "2018-01-22T14:26:55.503", "DeletedOn": null }
400 Bad request

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