Implement the webhook

When mail is processed by our servers, events will be generated. You can receive these events by implementing the webhook. To do this, you'll have to create an API. We will send the updates to you as an array in json format, as seen in the example below.

[ { "MailID": "acf6f71c-2e7b-4b41-b0e2-46657ce40417", "CustomerReference": null, "MailingID": "3af7acf7-1cdf-48ce-b7a5-4ed8027908bb", "EventType": "Opened", "Information": "", "Timestamp": "2019-02-01T13:40:23.613" }, { "MailID": "acf6f71c-2e7b-4b41-b0e2-46657ce40417", "CustomerReference": null, "MailingID": "3af7acf7-1cdf-48ce-b7a5-4ed8027908bb", "EventType": "Clicked", "Information": "https://www.cm.com", "Timestamp": "2019-02-01T13:40:23.613" } ]