Get mail statistics details

Get detailed statistics for a mail

GET https://api.cmtelecom.com/bulkemail/v1.0/accounts/{accountID}/mails/{mailID}/statistics/details

GET Parameters

Name In Description Required Type Example
AccountID Path The account guid True Guid A8C062E4-ECFD-48D0-89B1-A37D2622B7A9
MailID Path The mail guid True Guid B6D33812-24CC-48E3-B7DD-354715051A85
X-CM-PRODUCTTOKEN Header Your product token True Guid C24A5029-37DD-4161-9728-F80D8639588E


Http status Description Example
200 Successful operation { "EmailAddress": "john.doe@cm.com", "SentOn": "2017-08-09T13:07:33.12", "DeliveredOn": "2017-08-09T13:07:33.13", "OpenedOn": null, "BouncedOn": null, "ComplainedOn": null, "UnsubscribedOn": null, "BlacklistedOn": null, "NumberOfClicks": 0 }
400 Bad request

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