Addressbook v2


CM's Addressbook v2 API enables you to store your groups of recipients. You can integrate this in your application by communicating with our api.

The Addressbook API is a REST API that uses JSON to communicate.


Authentication and authorization is done via a product token. You can obtain your product token from the messaging gateway app ( If you don't see that app you might have got it via your account manager or you can contact support to obtain one.

For all methods described in this api, the product token should be provided by including it in the X-CM-PRODUCTTOKEN header.

Getting your accountID

In all methods you need to provide the accountID. This is a guid that identifies your account. This identifier can be found on the url of the addressbook application (, after the language indicator. Below you can find some url examples and the corresponding accountID.

Url AccountID a66b6ba2-7b13-4caf-abf6-c736c977c1d4 fe266716-d8ff-4aba-bddb-c61f8f40c656
https://addressbook.staging.clubmessage.local/de/3b64204e-6a10-4f5b-ae80-292e4ac6c57a#/lists/9a8e64d5-002e-4f34-855d-527758f74c67 3b64204e-6a10-4f5b-ae80-292e4ac6c57a


We have recently released a new version (v2) of the Addressbook API. Although it is mostly backwards compatible (old api calls are documented in, we suggest new applications to use v2 endpoints for the future.